Two guys, a computer and an outlaw car – face down the system!



a Ron & Anna Winship film




The year is 2026 in the United States, government regulation has taken away all rights and privileges of the population relating to driving on public roads or highways. All roads, highways, streets or alleys are now toll roads. All automobiles are required to have a kill chip which can be disabled at any time, by the police or other law enforcement agencies.

The population is taxed on each mile driven each year and each person is limited to an amount of miles that can be driven each day. Any person driving unauthorized milesoffers themselves up for immediate arrest with impound and sale of their vehicle. All so-called illegal vehicles are immediately crushed. Smog rules have required that all new vehicles produced in the U.S. must be electric or alternate non-fossil fuel vehicles.

Importation of fossil fuel gasoline has been restricted to use for the military or law enforcement agencies and public transportation facilities. Any vehicle manufactured before 1999 must be turned into the government for an electric car voucher. If someone is caught driving a non-government approved vehicle it means loss of their drivers license for life. Each person that rides in a approved vehicle must wear an approved helmet with a chip locator and monitor with a personal detain capability which renders the driver or occupant of the vehicle temporarily unconscious with the push of a button by law enforcement, government agency or the military. Some cars manufactured after 1995 can be retrofitted to meet government standards, as long as over 50% of the vehicle is powered without fossil fuel. All American freedoms and the Constitution of the United States has been replaced by the United Nations Corporate Restricted Analogies of Paradigm. UNCRAP sets all world-wide guidelines for motorized transportation.


408 cu. Rat motor – redline 7200 rpm and 8 mpg !


A few renegade members of the populace have created an underground supply of high octane fossil fuel. This fuel is created in secret locations or smuggled in from foreign sources. Using a scenario much like that of the German General Rommel in World War II, they bury their supplies throughout the United States, constantly dodging law enforcement and military patrols utilizing high tech electronic counter-surveillance equipment.

Restricted mainly to drug dealers and hard core criminals these fuelies as they are called, communicate by coded computer or cell phones. An unpublished 1-800 number must be called every time they cross a state line. The code required to contact the fuelie resource guide changes daily and must be accessed by name coded members of free fuelies either by cell phone or by direct computer hook-up. The fuelie network of underground renegades pride themselves on their cravings for horsepower, muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s and devotion to the old values of American nationalism. World corporate fascism is their constant enemy!

Ed Kaminski and Ray Brown are fighting the system. They run unauthorized non-government approved automobiles across the United States for big money. They specialize in 60’s & 70’s muscle cars that are in high demand as underground vehicles for dope runners, militias, anti-government extremists and hard core criminals. With their clients willing to pay top dollar, Ed and Ray are nothing more than modern day hired guns for transportation.

They get an order for a particular car which has to be put together out of the country, unload it at the docks, load it with illegal fossil fuel drive it to the required destination and are paid. They run the cities at night and the deserts in the day. Constantly, under attack by all means of law enforcement and military patrols, they put their lives at risk every time they get into another new illegal vehicle. Ed Kaminski is a white male in his late 40’s, longer brown-blonde hair, a set jaw and a history in the military, during Desert Storm. Ed lost his 23 year old wife, 3 and 5 year old daughters while being house invaded during a BATF raid, gone bad.

Ed hates the new corporate structure that guides the American government. Ed has done a lot of different jobs in his life, but driving fast is what he truly loves most. Ed’s second love is firearms and Hostess Twinkies. His best friend, Ray Brown is a young black male in his mid-twenties. Ray is a jokester with a strong background in computer development. Ray got hooked on cocaine, sold crack in high school and has never looked back. He wants to live life on the edge in everything he does. Brave beyond reason, he and Ed make the perfect team. Ray is Ed’s resource communication specialist on every run.

Vanishing Point 2000 takes the viewing public on an across the nation high speed death defying chase, from the teaming docks of New York to a vacant garage in Grass Valley, California.


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